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Ep 120: Three Ways This Rockstar Teacher Delivers Engagement in the Classroom

Do your students enjoy your class? Do you enjoy your class? Do your students learn in your class? If you want the answer to these questions to be a resounding YES even in the last weeks of the school year, then take a listen as Monica Genta shares 3 tips on keeping students engaged, even as your school year is coming to a close (and the rest of the year, too). 

Listen as Monica shares personal stories from her classroom and offers advice on turning up student interest and participation, using simple methods. All you’ll need is an open mind, some out-of-the-box thinking, and a desire to reach your kids. 

In this episode, Caitlin and Jessica interview Monica Genta and discuss the challenges of engaging students in those last, long weeks of the school. Monica, who has been there before with distracted and disengaged students, offers up 3 easy tips for giving students what they need by also giving them some of what they want. These suggestions just may be the game changer you’ve been looking for to keep your students learning!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:50] Introducing Monica Genta, a rockstar teacher with great engagement and social-emotional learning ideas!
  • [02:30] Student engagement: 3 essential questions
  • [03:50] How Caitlin and Jessica’s book, The Empowered ELA Teacher, addresses engagement
  • [05:40] Monica’s engagement tip #1: Students have the solutions!
  • [11:40] Monica’s engagement tip #2: Turn your no’s into yes’s
  • [17:10] Monica’s engagement tip #3: What is important to students has to be important to us!
  • [24:20] A recap of Monica’s 3 tips for engaging students
  • [26:20] Monica shares how you can follow her on Instagram and discusses The Awesome Conference for Teachers, a live, virtual event you can attend on June 1. Register here. 

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