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Ep 125: Why You Should Batch Plan at the Beginning of Summer

The first month of summer brings with it a feeling of glorious freedom from school responsibilities. In August, however, many of us spiral into weeks of stress as we rush to plan. Sometimes we can’t even be mentally present at our back-to-school meetings because all we can think of is our need to get planning done. It doesn’t have to be this way! Take your back your summer and feel more energized going into the school year by batch planning at the beginning of summer!

At first, you may not be excited by the thought of planning next year’s lessons in June, but by the end of this podcast episode, Caitlin and Jessica will have convinced you to do it. How? By giving you several reasons that batch planning early will make your teaching stronger, take pressure off your planning, and give you a fuller, happier summer.  

So take a listen and be inspired to jump right into batch planning at the start of summer. (Okay, maybe after a week off, first!) And if you like the idea of batch planning but want support as you do it, or just some good company as you plan, Caitlin and Jessica will show you how to join our Batch Planning Live Event this summer of 2021!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [03:00] Why you should batch plan at the beginning of summer: the reasoning
  • [03:40] Reason 1: You’ll take your summers back!
  • [03:30] Reason 2: You’ll take advantage of the “school mode” you’re still in
  • [05:20] Take a week off when school ends but then get right into batch planning
  • [06:00] Reason 3: You’ll take the pressure off yourself and avoid rushing through plans
  • [06:50] Reason 4: You’ll be more present and available during back-to-school meetings and classroom prep
  • [07:25] Reason 5: Once you’re done planning, you really can relax!
  • [08:25] Looking for support and camaraderie as you batch plan? Join our Batch Plan Live Event!  
  • [09:00] EB Academic Teacher’s Club members get a discount on the Batch Plan Live Event (see Facebook group for link). Not a member? Click here to join the event. 
  • [09:40] Questions? Reach out to us on Instagram.  
  • [10:00]: Whether or not you join us at Batch Planning Live, give batch planning a try and enjoy your summer!

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