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Ep 126: Finding Your Passion After a REALLY Hard Year

It has been a year. You’ve been juggling new teaching responsibilities, remote, in-class, and hybrid learning, and possibly childcare struggles, too. Oh, and a pandemic. You’re almost over the finish line of this crazy year, and we are SO proud of you! But how do you get your passion back after such a frenzied year of survival? This episode will begin to show you how.  

Listen as Caitlin and Jessica discuss the importance of pursuing passions outside of the classroom so that you can thrive in the classroom. How can you make this happen? By considering what systems and processes will make your school year easier and planning them now. Make time for yourself; you don’t just deserve it – you need it.  

So take a listen and be inspired to plan ahead, so you can free your mind (and your calendar) to explore the hobbies and interests that excite and energize you. Then use that excitement and energy to make next school year your best one yet! Or at least a whole lot better than this one has been. Learn how to do your planning now, so you can get your passion back and be the teacher you really want to be.  

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:50] We are so proud of you!
  • [02:35] How do you get your passion back after such a tough year?
  • [04:00] Using your passions outside the classroom to bring more passion into the classroom
  • [05:10] Finding a system to make your plans (batch planning works great!)
  • [6:10] Planning your systems and processes for the upcoming year
  • [06:30] Take things off your plate! What responsibilities can you hand off to students?
  • [07:50] How planning ahead will create the “white space” you need to be creative
  • [09:40] The importance of having a life outside of the classroom
  • [10:40] Jessica discusses examples of planned systems to make the year easier: sub plans, bell ringers, etc.
  • [12:00] Bonus episode coming Thursday, June 3! Learn about the positive effects of finding the perfect mentor. 
  • [12:10] Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 19. An event is coming up to make your next school year easier! Stay tuned for more info. 

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