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Ep 128: The One Thing You Need to Shave Hours Off Your Planning

Would you like to be that teacher you’re jealous of? The one who leaves right after school on most days but still manages to teach fun, effective lessons each day? Become that teacher by learning to use a streamlined system to lesson plan. Not sure how to do this? This episode will help you begin!

Caitlin and Jessica discuss their two-part, time-tested method for lesson planning in (MUCH) less time. It’s all about batch planning and the EB Lesson Planning Approach, which will help you plan cohesive, engaging units that hit all your standards without leaving you feeling wiped out each day. 

So take a listen to learn more about the concepts of batch planning and the EB Lesson Planning Approach to see how they can free up your time while improving your teaching. You really can be the teacher who leaves on time each day and walks in refreshed each morning!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:20] Join us for our one-hour live event: 3 Strategies for Engaging Lessons for Middle Schoolers
  • [02:40] The one thing you need to plan lessons in less time. Get rid of the “Sunday scaries”!
  • [03:30] The EB Lesson Planning Approach: The basics
  • [04:30] The problems that come with planning without a system
  • [5:30] Becoming the teacher who leaves right after school (while still crushing it in class)
  • [06:30] The 1st component: batch planning
  • [07:50] Set aside time in advance and create a large section of planning (a unit, a month, even a school year) in one session 
  • [08:40] For additional support in this process, join us for Batch Planning Live Event
  • [09:10] The 2nd component: Into, Through, Beyond Framework
  • [10:40] Note: podcast episodes 110, 111, and 112 will take you through this framework in more detail
  • [13:45] Join us next week, June 15, as Caitlin and Jessica dive deeper into how you can systems to turn around your planning and teaching

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