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Ep 134: 3 Things ALL Great Writing Teachers Already Do

What do great writing teachers have in common? They all engage in these three practices! Listen to see which of these methods you already use, and which you could start adopting today.

Caitlin and Jessica will explain how effective writing teachers use a scope and sequence, limit their time spent grading, and engage their students in order to create strong writers without burning themselves out along the way. 

Caitlin and Jessica will show you why you need a road map for your school year and how rubrics can speed up your grading. Finally, they will give you some ideas for lessons that will hook your young writers, helping them buy in to their lessons. Be a great writing teacher without stressing yourself out!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:50] Join us for our free live event, 4 Proven Strategies for Teaching Literary Analysis
  • [03:40] 3 things all great writing teachers already do
  • [04:20] #1: Use a scope and sequence
  • [07:20] #2: Limit time spent grading
  • [08:00] Use a rubric to make grading faster
  • [12:40] #3: Engage their students, getting them pumped up to write
  • [13:00] Some great ways to hook your students
  • [15:50] EB Writing Program opens for enrollment next week!
  • [16:20] Join us next week as Caitlin and Jessica talk about working less and getting better results

Want to learn more about joining The EB Writing Program or how to start the purchase order process for your school district?

Visit : https://www.ebwritingprogram.com/school-licensing

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