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Ep 135: Working Less and Getting Better Results

Do you ever feel like you’re planning day to day? Have you felt the frustration of piecing together lessons from multiple sources? Are you looking for some direction in your teaching, so you can step back and breathe easier? Then listen as Jessica and Caitlin show you how the EB Writing Program will help you work less while getting better results.

Caitlin and Jessica will discuss how the EB Writing Program provides tutorials, lessons, resources, and strategies for all the main types of classroom writing, so you can teach consistently, with a plan and a direction. 

So if you want to start out this school year with the confidence of knowing you have a strategy to build your students into better writers — without burning the candle at both ends — take a listen. Caitlin and Jessica will show you how much support you will have at your fingertips as a member of the EB Writing Program. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [02:00] The positive effects of using a writing framework
  • [02:40] Let the EB Writing Program teach you how to use frameworks effectively
  • [04:30] Caitlin explains how she will support you in the program
  • [05:50] The many writing styles the EB Writing Program will support you with
  • [06:40] Our helpful resources (rubrics, etc.) that you can access as an EBWP teacher
  • [07:40] How the EB Writing Program provides consistent terms and strategies for your  classroom
  • [09:20] The power of teacher writing samples
  • [10:40] New! We’re creating scaffolded versions of EBWP materials for students who need extra support
  • [12:00] Also helpful for scaffolding: all lessons are in grades 5-6 and grades 7-8 versions
  • [13:00] Teacher testimonials: teachers share their positive experiences
  • [15:40] Visit our website to join the EB Writing Program. Doors close today, so reach out if you have questions!

Want to learn more about joining The EB Writing Program or how to start the purchase order process for your school district?

Visit : https://www.ebwritingprogram.com/school-licensing

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