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Ep 139: The Single Most Effective Classroom Management System

Are you looking for a simple, positive, effective classroom management system? Listen as Caitlin shares her favorite method for managing classroom behavior and routines. The best part? It requires very little effort to implement!

In this episode, Caitlin discusses her “15-Minute Strategy,” in which students earn seconds with the goal of getting to 15 minutes. After their goal is reached, students earn a class-chosen reward! The benefits are ample, and Caitlin will outline them all.  

It’s a simple system that rewards rather than penalizes, creating a team mentality among students. So if you want the details on how to use a system that will increase accountability, streamline routines, and ensure great behavior on sub days, take a listen!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:20] If you find this episode helpful, read this blog post for more info!
  • [02:50] How a well-managed classroom is a more fun and engaging classroom
  • [03:30] Caitlin gives an overview of her “15-Minute Strategy”
  • [04:30] Caitlin explains how her students earned seconds, with the goal of reaching 15 minutes
  • [06:00] How students earn a reward the class has chosen (a party, a game, kickball outside, etc.)
  • [07:30] Caitlin explains that over time, the students begin to politely redirect each other
  • [08:00] How this system creates a great incentive for students to earn a good review from substitute teachers!
  • [08:50] Why is this strategy better than many others? It’s so much easier to keep track of!
  • [09:20] Caitlin answers common questions about this strategy
  • [13:30] Caitlin shares her favorite reward she’s ever given a class
  • [15:20] Join Caitlin and Jessica next week as they help listening teachers get a grasp on grading!

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