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Ep 140: Get a Grasp on Your Grading with These 3 Quick Ideas

Is grading taking over your work and home life? It’s easy for ELA teachers to feel overloaded and overburdened with assignments to assess. Take a few minutes to listen to this game-changing episode that will inspire and guide you toward reducing your grading load, so you can truly thrive.

In this episode, Jessica offers three tips for reducing the grading you do for your students. And no, none of the tips involve giving your students less reading and writing practice! By working smarter, not harder, you can give students meaningful feedback without sacrificing your sanity.

So let Caitlin and Jessica show you what to grade, how to grade, and when to grade, so you can leave school by 3:30 and have more energy to devote to your students, your family, and yourself.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:50] The importance of giving quick, meaningful feedback
  • [02:25] Tip #1: Don’t grade everything!
  • [03:25] Jessica explains how she replaced some of her graded assessments with informal, observational assessments
  • [05:30] Caitlin explains how she used participation points or partial grading for assignments like bell ringers
  • [06:15] Tip #2: Use a rubric. (A good one!)
  • [06:35] Caitlin and Jessica discuss what makes a high quality, useful rubric
  • [09:30] Pro tips for using a rubric successfully
  • [10:40] Tip #3: Grade during your prep period
  • [11:10] Caitlin and Jessica discuss how batch planning frees up time for grading
  • [13:25] Caitlin explains how teachers must make intentional choices if they want to see a change in how they grade
  • [15:20] Join Caitlin and Jessica next week as they show teachers how to fit everything into the class day!

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