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Ep 142: Why Some Teachers Have That “X-Factor”

We know you know one. That teacher who just seems to have it all together, implementing engaging, effective lesson plans and connecting with students without staying after school for hours each day. What makes them such great educators, and how do they do it without burning out? They have that “X-Factor,” and you can, too!

In this episode, Caitlin and Jessica discuss the X-Factor that helps some teachers stand above the rest. It’s not magic or luck, but rather careful planning, confidence, coachability, and balance. 

Take a listen and reflect on the steps you need to take in order to be the teacher you want to be, do great work, and thrive in and outside your classroom. You can have that X-Factor, too — you just need to put in the work, and Caitlin and Jessica will show you how.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:30] Teachers with the X-Factor: how are they being, what are they doing, and how are they thriving?
  • [01:50] Looking for further reading? Pick up The Empowered ELA Teacher!
  • [02:10] Caitlin’s embarrassing story . . . a moment when she was seriously missing the X-Factor
  • [04:20] The importance of putting in the work to be confident
  • [5:30] How the best teachers can admit when they’re wrong and grow as a result
  • [07:00] Being coachable if you want to succeed
  • [08:10] Inviting others into your classroom, so they can help you learn
  • [09:10] How teachers with the X-Factor engage students and approach concepts in new ways
  • [11:15] How teachers with the X Factor put in the work of planning and preparing
  • [11:50] Using the Into, Through, and Beyond model to increase engagement
  • [12:50] How teachers with the X Factor avoid burnout by living a balanced life
  • [14:00] Caitlin talks about the power of rest
  • [16:00] What do you need to work on in order to have a better life?
  • [16:45] Pick up this free Escape Room (print and digital) lesson at ebacademics.com/escaperoom to engage your students in a big way!
  • [17:25] Listen in next week as Caitlin and Jessica discuss academic vocabulary and how it will help your classes succeed

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