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Ep 144: The Most Effective Way to Teach Grammar

Teaching grammar is one of the most common pain points we hear about from teachers. But grammar lessons don’t have to be painful for you or your students! Listen as Caitlin and Jessica walk you through some simple steps for teaching grammar effectively and efficiently. 

Have you been using the Into, Through, and Beyond approach in your ELA lessons? Well, you can apply this same approach to grammar teaching, and Jessica and Caitlin will show you how! Even better, they will share a link to a free, fun grammar lesson that includes all three of these lesson parts already. 

Using the Into, Through, and Beyond approach, you can create rigorous, engaging grammar lessons that hook students, give them the knowledge they need, help them apply their learning, and assess what they have gained from your lessons. And with your new free resource, you can start today with very little planning!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:50] Using the Into, Through, and Beyond framework to maximize your grammar lessons
  • [03:50] Using the Into lesson to hook students and give direct instruction
  • [04:40] An example with the Comma Carnival hook and instruction
  • [05:10] Caitlin recommends two books for help planning direct grammar/punctuation lessons
  • [6:30] Using the Through lesson to help students apply their new learning
  • [06:50] Examples with the Comma Carnival. So fun (and rigorous!)
  • [09:50] Using the Beyond lesson to assess students
  • [10:20] Why it’s okay (and even helpful) to let students refer to notes during a grammar assessment
  • [11:50] The Comma Carnival assessment: a fun, brief carnival ticket to fill out. More assessment comes later, in students’ writing!
  • [13:10] Visit this link to pick up the Comma Carnival for free!: ebacademics.com/grammarlesson

Join us next time as Caitlin and Jessica talk about staying after school past your contracted hours, and why you should stop!

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  • Hello Caitlin and Jessica. My co-worker Amy Matte just shared your new grammar program and resources. I teach 6th grade English and have two other co-workers teaching EB reading and writing and they LOVE IT!!! I visited the website to purchase the grammar, however I did not see it as an option. When will grammar be available to purchase? Thank you.

    • Hey, Shimana! I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this. I’m going going to have support reach out to you to see what we can do.


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