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Ep 146: Hook Students With Engaging Lessons at the Start of Any Unit

If you’ve ever jumped into a unit too quickly, you know the classroom confusion, disconnect, and behavior issues that can follow. In this episode, Caitlin and Jessica will discuss the why and how of hooking students in the beginning of your units. 

Caitlin and Jessica will talk about the importance of the “Into” lesson for building background knowledge, activating prior learning, and building students’ motivation to learn. Even better, they will offer three awesome ideas that you can use before any unit you’re teaching!

Take a few minutes to let Caitlin and Jessica inspire you as you set up your next lessons. When your students are fully engaged and prepared to learn, you’ll be happy you did!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:00] Grab this spooky free download — a lesson/activity to really engage your students. It includes a digital version, too!
  • [02:20] This free lesson is great for Halloween but is not Halloween-themed. Jessica shares some other great times of the year to use it.
  • [03:30] Using the EB framework “Into” to hook students
  • [05:20] Using the “Into” lesson to segue into new units and avoid classroom management frustrations
  • [07:30] Why motivation is key to learning and practice
  • [09:00] Starting your units on the right foot with the “Into” lesson — Caitlin breaks down what the “Into” entails
  • [10:50] Don’t forget to search our blog for more ideas! Search “Into lessons” to find lots of inspiration and support
  • [11:20] If you love these ideas, use them more than once! The benefits of “rinsing and repeating” lessons
  • [11:50] Idea #!: Popcorn Predictions
  • [14:40] Idea #2: Five-Word Wonder
  • [16:20] Idea #3: Anticipation Stations
  • [18:00] Caitlin shares how she used images before units to help students visualize what would be included in the text
  • [20:30] Join Caitlin and Jessica next week as they share a fun Halloween activity to use with your students!

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