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Ep 150: Making the Most of Your Bell Ringers So Students Master the Standards

Join Caitlin and Jessica as they help you wring more learning out of your bell ringers! Many teachers have discovered the benefits of bell ringers, but they wonder how to use them most effectively, so that students are engaged and reviewing important concepts. If this sounds like you, take a listen!

Caitlin and Jessica will talk about using bell ringers as a way to spiral in learning rather than just keeping kids busy. They will also help you to troubleshoot common bell ringer problems, such as students getting bored or finishing them too quickly. 

You will also get to hear the story behind the EB Academics bell ringers they have created, which address every common core ELA standard. Better yet, you’ll get a link for 3 free weeks of bell ringers! But whether you are using ours or your own, listen in for lots of helpful tips on making the most of them.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:40] This week’s topic comes from one of our EB teachers. Join us if you’re looking for resources and teacher support!
  • [02:00] Questions from one of our teachers: “How do I keep students engaged in bell ringers? Also, should I grade them?”
  • [02:40] Using bell ringers to spiral in standards learning. This can help you to fit it all in!
  • [03:30] Bell ringers should not be busywork! Align your bell ringers with your standards.
  • [04:10] Using more advanced bell ringers with high level students to avoid students finishing before the class
  • [05:40] Why Caitlin and Jessica created their bell ringers: using time productively without redundancy and repetitiveness 
  • [06:40] Caitlin and Jessica discuss the story behind their bell ringers, which hit every common core standard
  • [07:40] Organizing the bell ringers in a way that works for you
  • [09:00] When to use bell ringers
  • [09:30] Have fun with bell ringers! Using holiday topics during special times of the year (while still hitting the standards)
  • [10:30] Whether you’re using EB Academics bell ringers or others, make sure to avoid the monotony of unhelpful repetition
  • [10:50] Would you like to give our bell ringers a try? Download 3 free weeks of bell ringers here!
  • [11:20] How to grade bell ringers? Some tips for keeping the grading easy, helpful, and minimal

Join Caitlin and Jessica as they offer five strategies for avoiding teacher burnout!

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