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Ep 153: Why I Do Not Use Reading Logs — With Melissa Kruse

Although assigned with good intentions, reading logs can weigh down readers, turning reading into a points game instead of a fulfilling, enriching activity. So, what to do instead? Caitlin interviews ELA teacher and instructional coach Melissa Kruse from Reading and Writing Haven, who will give listeners insight into reading logs and offer some great alternatives. 

For most ELA teachers, a huge goal is to help students develop a lifelong passion for reading. If you’ve tried reading logs in the past, you’ll probably agree with Melissa that reading logs won’t get you there. Thankfully, she will give valuable tips for helping students develop their reading stamina, build their interest in reading, and understand their reader identities. 

You’ll walk away from this episode not only with an understanding of what a positive reading culture can do for your students, but tangible classroom ideas to get you there. Be sure to take a listen — your young readers will thank you. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:50] Welcome, Melissa Kruse from Reading and Writing Haven!
  • [01:10] Melissa shares her background with listeners
  • [02:40] What are reading logs? Melissa explains the type she’s referring to in this episode
  • [04:20] Why reading logs serve teachers without serving students
  • [05:50] How reading logs can encourage students to read for points rather than become readers for life
  • [06:00] Why are reading logs so popular among schools? Melissa explains the good intentions behind them
  • [07:20] So if reading logs aren’t serving students, what can we use instead? Melissa gives some great ideas for developing intrinsic motivation and reader identities 
  • [09:00] Building a culture of reading: developing stamina, frequency, interest
  • [11:00] Caitlin shares her experiences with reading logs 
  • [12:30] Melissa shares some reading log alternatives to keep things fresh
  • [13:10] The reading ladder (you can find this in print or digital)
  • [13:20] Donalyn Miller’s “status of the class”
  • [18:30] Gallagher and Kittle’s reading rate goals
  • [20:50] Caitlin asks the question, “What is the best first place to start when it comes to creating a culture of reading in the classroom?” and Melissa responds
  • [24:00] Want to learn more from Melissa? Check her out on Instagram, visit her blog, or email her at readingandwritinghaven@gmail.com. You can also shop her resources on Teachers Pay Teachers!  

Print Reading Ladder

Digital Reading Ladder

Melissa’s Blog

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