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BONUS: The Empowered ELA Teacher Excerpt on Batch Planning Live

Your love for your students keeps you showing up to work each day. But are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you barely keeping one foot in front of the other? Spending hours at home searching online for lessons? Feeling the strain on your personal relationships? Listen as Caitlin reads a chapter of The Empowered ELA Teacher, showing you how to achieve a work-life balance.

An unbalanced teaching life can really take its toll on both you and your students. Thankfully, you can be the teacher you want to be, the teacher you will be, with a shift in mindset. Caitlin will share her own struggles with teacher burnout and show you how she found her passion again, as she balanced her life at school with her life beyond the classroom door. 

If you’re ready for the journey of empowering yourself, or if you’ve started this journey but need to renew your commitment, begin by listening to this episode. Stop saying you want to be a better, happier teacher, and start doing it, today.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:20] Caitlin shares her experience with teacher burnout and how it inspired her and Jessica’s book, The Empowered ELA Teacher
  • [02:30] Caitlin reads the first chapter of The Empowered ELA Teacher, which is all about mindset shift
  • [04:10] Why mindset is so important 
  • [05:00] The challenges caused by feeling overwhelmed — what would teaching be like if you felt the opposite? If you just got to teach?
  • [06:40] Answer these questions honestly, and think about how the effects of feeling overwhelmed impact both you and your students:
    • If you’re exhausted and stressed each morning, are you ready to showcase your greatest abilities as a teacher?
    • Are you walking into the classroom ready to bring that lesson home for your students, or are you showing up but just barely getting by?
  • [08:30] The drawbacks of day-to-day planning and how it affects students
  • [09:10] Feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault! But you can find that balance you need, with a renewed passion and improved mindset
  • [11:00] One common source of strain for teachers is the effect of their jobs on their personal relationships 
  • [13:00] Caitlin’s story of leaving the teaching profession and then returning  
  • [16:20] Shift your mindset to empower yourself and find your balance. Be the teacher you knew you always could be! 
  • [17:10] Are you playing to win?The importance of lesson planning with a strategy
  • [20:30] You are the creator of your own destiny. Answer these questions honestly:
    • Are you blaming outside circumstances (mandated curriculum, students who don’t do the work, etc.) for why you don’t have your desired results?
    • Are you complaining about how much time you’re spending at school?
    • Are you doing just enough to get by, or making excuses about why you’re not getting things done?
    • Are you playing not to lose, or are you playing to win?
    • Are you committed to becoming an empowered teacher, even though it may be hard? Is your heart open to changing for the better?
  • [25:00] Are you ready? Committing to putting in the time and effort to have the teaching and personal life you want for yourself
  • [31:20] Shift away from a state of wanting and move into a state of doing 
  • [33:00] Check out the rest of The Empowered ELA Teacher to implement your new plans for becoming the teacher you want to be
  • [34:00] Join us at Batch Planning Live to create a schedule that will help you meet your goals for the rest of the year. We have four great guest speakers and lots of teacher support to help you plan. *Please note this live event has passed

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