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Ep 167: Fun Grammar Review for Any Topic

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If you’ve ever struggled to create grammar review lessons that are meaningful and fun (and if you’re like most of us ELA teachers, you have!), this podcast episode will fix that. Caitlin and Jessica will show you a great 20-minute activity to use with any grammar topic, and they guarantee your students will love it. 

Listen as Jessica shares an activity that she has used in her own classroom with great success. Based on grammar questions and answer choices that you create, students will design a house. They will know that all their answers are correct if their house is designed with the correct colors and artistic details! 

“Grammar” and “fun” rarely appear in the same sentence, but this activity is guaranteed to draw every student in. So listen in for the simple steps for creating this activity, plus hear Caitlin’s list of great grammar topics you can use. Be the teacher who makes grammar review a memorable and enjoyable experience for students!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:50] Caitlin and Jessica will walk you through the steps of creating this activity. However, EB teachers, this is already done for you, so you can grab it with one of your free coupon codes!
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  • [03:50] A reminder: This activity is for review and assumes you have taught the grammar concept already. Get to know your state standards to make sure you’re not focusing on grammar concepts that you don’t even need to be teaching!
  • [04:10] First, find a very simple template of a house. Come up with a theme (haunted house, gingerbread house, castle, cabin, cottage, etc.).
  • [05:10] Create 8-10 grammar questions on the topic you’re reviewing. For each question, provide two choices (a correct and incorrect answer).
  • [05:40] For each of the two choices, assign a simple task that relates to the theme of the house (for example, “Draw a full moon in the sky,” or “Draw a crescent moon in the sky). 
  • [07:00] Pass out your house template to each student. Project your questions and answer choices on the board.
  • [08:00] What we love about this activity: It’s engaging because it’s art, and it’s rigorous because the questions activitate and assess students’ grammar knowledge.
  • [08:50] Want to add even more rigor? If you have high-level students, have them come up with the questions, answer choices, and tasks!!
  • [09:20] Caitlin shares some grammar topics that are great for this activity.
  • [10:20] If you try this activity in your classroom, let us know how it goes! Visit us on Instagram to share with us, or leave us a review on the podcast.

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