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Ep 169: Secrets to Leaving School When the Bell Rings

This episode is about secrets to leaving school when the bell rings, but we’ll warn you upfront: it’s not about what you think it’s about. This episode is not about physical strategies (you can find those in plenty of our other episodes!). This one is about mindset. Because sometimes, walking out of your classroom door starts there.

If you’ve ever worked so late that the custodian has come by your class to check on you, it’s time for some changes, beginning with the way you’re thinking. In this episode, you’ll learn three steps for creating a vision of the life you want and making it happen!

If this sounds a little “out there,” think of it this way: Having a vision changes our behaviors. When we know what we want, then we can find the right people to inspire and teach us, and we can take intentional steps toward our goals. So take a listen and make a mindset change today! 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:30] Caitlin explains how staying too long at school is unrealistic and unsustainable. 
  • [02:30] Most teachers putting in too much time past their contracted hours are making the mistake of thinking that their vision of something better is not important. Without a vision, nothing will change!
  • [03:30] A vision of what you want your teaching and personal life to look like will help you set the boundaries and stick to the habits you need to thrive.
  • [05:30] The EB Teacher’s Club is designed to help you achieve the balanced life you’re looking for. If you’d like the teacher support and resources that this club provides, join us here. 
  • [07:00] Think about it: There are lots of teachers out there who know all the “just right” strategies and have great materials, but they’re still working too late. Why? Their mindset.
  • [07:20] Step #1: Create a vision board. (No, really! Caitlin explains how and why.) Be as broad or specific as you’d like, but choose images that light you up and lead you to where you want to be.
  • [11:30] Changing your vision changes your behaviors – we act differently when we know we’re working toward something.
  • [12:00] Display your vision board somewhere where you’ll see it often. Take inspiration from it!
  • [13:30] Step #3: Find someone who is living your vision already and observe them. What are they doing? What can you emulate? This person is called an “expander.” They show you that your vision is possible.
  • [15:10] To find your expander, ask yourself, “Who do I know who is leaving school at the time I want to? Who do I know whose students are learning well and enjoying their class? Who do I know who enjoys their weekends?” If you don’t know a teacher like this, find a non-educator – even someone to follow on social media.
  • [16:30] Not everyone has colleagues with the right mindset. Don’t let their negativity deter you from your vision. 
  • [18:00] If you are looking for a great group of positive people who are working toward or achieving the vision of a balanced teacher life, join the EB Teacher’s Club – we’d love to have you!
  • [18:30] Step #3: Take inspired action. (Example: Assign a one-pager instead of an essay, in order to free up some time spent grading, or batch plan lessons to free up your prep periods.)
  • [19:00] Caitlin shares how she uses a habit tracker to maintain the habits she wants to continue. You can use this to help leave school on time, too.
  • [20:00] Now that you know how to change your mindset, start today with that vision board, and go from there!

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