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Ep 170: Why Empowered Teachers Make Room for White Space

An empowered ELA teacher is a teacher who really loves their job; each day, they wake up excited to get to school and embark on that day’s lessons with their students. But despite this passion to teach, school is not their whole world. An empowered teacher makes room for white space. What does this mean, and how can you do it? In this episode, Caitlin and Jessica will show you!

Most of us have experienced living in “the drift” – going along with our routines and managing the clutter of our daily lives while neglecting to pause to think beyond our distractions and obligations. In this episode, you will learn how white space allows you to step back from the chaos of life, in order to see greater possibilities and take inspired action. 

In today’s world, there is no shortage of input. Pinterest, Facebook, podcasts . . . there are so many ideas coming at us, but it’s easy to scroll by without really considering any of them, let alone creating a plan of action to implement any. So take a listen to this episode, set aside some time for white space, and watch your possibilities unfold. Then seize them.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [00:40] Caitlin and Jessica explain what it means to be an empowered teacher.
  • [04:00] Caitlin and Jessica explain the importance of white space in living a balanced teaching life.
  • [07:40] What got you to this point in your teaching career is not going to be what gets you there, to being an empowered teacher living a balanced life. You can’t expect anything to be different if you don’t change your patterns, behaviors, or beliefs.
  • [08:50] Take a moment to consider: Is your job sustainable and enjoyable for you?
  • [09:20] What is white space? In design, it’s negative space, which helps focus your attention and provides balance in the design. In life, it serves a purpose as well! Jessica explains how, just like in a design, our lives need focus and balance.
  • [10:00] White space gives us time to refocus and make sense of our daily chaos.
  • [10:30] One way we can make more room for white space? Limiting distractions (like our phones). 
  • [11:50] Ask yourself: How can I create more time in my day for white space? 
  • [12:00] A reminder: White space is not a nap, “zoning out,” or watching television. It’s not a break or an escape from daily life but time spent away from the clutter of daily life. It’s hard to see the possibilities in your life when you’re in the thick of your responsibilities. 
  • [15:00] Most of us are so frequently surrounded by the clutter and busyness of our daily routines, we don’t realize the possibilities that lie just outside the box we’re living in.
  • [16:00] White space is the place where you consider ideas and possibilities and then take action. The goal is clarity, inspiration, and peace of mind!
  • [16:30] So, what does this look like? Jessica gives an example of white space in action.
  • [18:00] White space helps you balance input with output.
  • [19:30] Try to fit some weekly white space into your schedule, even if it’s just a half-hour. Gather an idea and make a plan to implement it in your classroom – balance your input and output!

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