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Ep 176: What the Copy Machine Has to Do with Your Success as a Teacher

No, we’re not digging into the frustrations of low-toner and double-sided printing. Today, Caitlin and Jessica will talk about what a copy machine has to do with your success as a teacher.

Listen in as Jessica walks you through an exercise to help you explore how your language affects your mindset and motivation. It’s a real opener!

Next, Caitlin will talk about the “copy machine experiment” and what it shows us about the power of the word “because.” This little word really packs a punch, and Jessica will teach you how to apply it in your thinking and goal-setting, to really be the teacher you want to be. 

Tune in now to hear:

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  • [03:20] Caitlin shares the speakers you will get to watch at Batch Planning Live: Blake Fly will talk about engaging students and understanding their world; Michelle and Bridget from Teaching on the Double will teach you how to actually finish your to-do list; Neill Williams will speak on productivity and work/life balance. 
  • [04:30] The importance of the Be, Do, Thrive mentality 
  • [05:10] Jessica walks listeners through a powerful exercise. Listen to the steps, then pause the episode to try it yourself! Once can be personal, but the other two should be related to teaching / your professional life. How do these statements make you feel?
  • [05:50] Step 1: Come up with 3 “I should” statements. 
  • [06:30] Step 2: Take these same 3 statements, but replace “I should” with “I could.” How do your feelings change?
  • [07:10] Step 3: Take these same 3 statements, but no replace “I could” with I can. What changes? You probably feel more confident!
  • [08:00] Cailtin ties this exercise into the “copy machine experiment” and the power of “because”
  • [09:10] Cailtin discusses how wording affects desired outcomes 
  • [11:10] Step 4: Add a “because” to your 3 “I can” statements. “I can do this because . . .” You got this!

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