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Ep 177: What It Takes to Create the Teaching Life You Dream Of

When did you know that you wanted to be a teacher? Does your reality of teaching match those dreams you had? In this episode, Caitlin and Jessica explore how you can bring the joy of teaching back to your life, by taking inspired action in order to achieve the work-life balance you need. 

Caitlin and Jessica will share a self-coaching model that has changed the way they live their lives, and they hope it will inspire listeners to similarly achieve their own dreams. They will talk about how you can use awareness to make the changes that will improve your life and help you meet your goals. 

So grab your pen and notepad and get ready to learn about the CTFAR method and how it can help you shift your thoughts, so you can take the positive steps you need in order to achieve the results you want. You can fit in your standards, reduce your grading load, and feel ready for work each Monday without sacrificing your weekends. It all starts with you!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:40] Caitlin and Jessica reminisce about their early experiences wanting to become teachers and talk about how these expectations lined up with their teaching experiences
  • [05:10] Jessica discusses the “busy work” of teaching that most of us did not originally sign up for
  • [06:40] How mindset can help you get your passion back, along with work-life balance
  • [09:00] If you’re looking for a community of educators to support you on your teaching journey, plus lots of great resources, sign up to join the EB Teachers’ Club waitlist. We’d love to have you, and you’ll get a free, fun detective lesson when you sign up
  • [10:30] What is mindset? It’s a word that’s thrown around so much these days, for some of us, it has lost meaning. Caitlin reminds listeners of what mindset it and why it’s so important
  • [11:40] Get your pen ready – you may want to take some notes! Jessica and Cailtin begin to walk listeners through a self-coaching model that comes from Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School. Neill Williams, one of her life coaches, has spoken to EB teachers at Batch Planning before.
  • [12:10] You can listen to Neill Williams’ great organizational and productivity advice on her podcast, Unbusy Your Life.
  • [12:40] The self-coaching model’s acronym: CTFAR. It’s a formula you can use to reframe your mindset and obtain the teaching life you really want.
    • C = Circumstance (the facts and assumptions you have about your situation)
    • T = Thoughts (the thoughts that cause your feelings)
    • F = Feelings (the feelings that drive your actions)
    • A = Actions (what we do or don’t do about our current circumstances)
    • R = Results (our results lead back to new thoughts, which lead to new feelings, which drive new actions)
  • [14:00] An example of the CTFAR model through the lens of a teacher’s life. Caitlin explains how nothing changes when we don’t make intentional choices to change what isn’t working for us. Interrupt the pattern!
  • [17:10] The importance of awareness in making a plan and achieving your goals
  • [18:00] Jessica lists some actions teachers can take to improve their circumstances, and how these actions achieve results
  • [21:00] How the CTFAR model can improve life outside of teaching, too
  • [22:00] Caitlin and Jessica hope this episode has inspired you in the way that this mindset reset has inspired them. The life you want starts with YOU!

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