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Ep 178: Could Becoming a Happier Teacher Be as Easy as This?

It’s that time of year again: you’ve just wrapped up your last day of school and are feeling the relief (or you’re so close, you can taste it!). For many teachers, this has been the hardest year they have ever experienced; even harder than the remote teaching of the early pandemic. You’re probably now feeling like you can finally breathe. Besides pleasure reading and Netflix watching, what is this summertime good for? Improving your mindset, so you can feel more balanced and happy!

What are you willing to be wrong about? Caitlin and Jessica ask this thought-provoking question in order to help listeners learn to be more flexible in their beliefs about teaching. By being willing to be wrong, teachers can begin taking thoughtful steps toward making positive changes in their teaching, in order to achieve the results they’ve always wanted.

Take a listen and become inspired to reflect on your past school year. Which seemingly insurmountable obstacles may actually have a solution? There are so many possibilities for you as a teacher and as a person once you are ready to open your mind to new ways of thinking. So – what are you willing to be wrong about?

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:00] Caitlin discusses the relief of finishing an especially challenging school year. No more essay grading or parent emails for months! And maybe, now that you’re removed from the chaos, you’re missing your students and remembering why you love this job so much.
  • [03:20] This is a great time to consider the successes you’ve had this year, and which changes you want to make for next year.
  • [04:20] Jessica explains how reflecting and making plans while you have the healthy breathing space of summer will help you approach your next school year in a better way. Ask yourself this question, “What am I willing to be wrong about?”
  • [05:00] Caitlin explains: It’s when you’re willing to be wrong about something that you are able to create beautiful things. She explains and shares some examples.
  • [06:30] Jessica walks you through this questioning process in an exercise to help listeners to identify how they can put aside past teaching beliefs in order to make desired improvements.
  • [09:40] Jessica asks, “Now, what can you think to cause the feelings you want to take the right actions toward improving your teaching and teaching experiences?
  • [10:00] Caitlin shares examples from our EB teachers who have shifted their beliefs in teaching and achieved great results.(Caitlin refers to the Bountiful Case, which you can pick up here for free.)
  • [12:40] Caitlin refers to the CTFAR approach that was covered in episode 177.
    • C = Circumstance (the facts and assumptions you have about your situation)
    • T = Thoughts (the thoughts that cause your feelings)
    • F = Feelings (the feelings that drive your actions)
    • A = Actions (what we do or don’t do about our current circumstances)
    • R = Results (our results lead back to new thoughts, which lead to new feelings, which drive new actions)
  • [13:10] What makes one teacher’s experience different from another’s? The desire to make changes in order to see improvement.This starts with a willingness to be wrong about past beliefs.
  • [14:40] If you’re willing to be wrong that teaching middle school writing is hard and frustrating, Jessica and Caitlin will be running a free workshop in July! Additionally, we will be opening up our EB Writing Program to new teachers this summer. Add your name to the priority list here – this will place you on the list to join our program and invite you to join the free workshop. 

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