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Ep 179: Behind the Scenes of Batch Planning Live (Dropping the Juicy Details Here!)

If it feels like classroom behavior problems are different and more challenging than they have been in the past, you’re not the only teacher noticing this right now. Caitlin and Jessica have surveyed and spoken with many teachers who have felt overwhelmed in this last school year, and they’re giving you a sneak peek into Batch Planning Live (BPL) in order to help alleviate some of your burdens in your upcoming year. 

Batch planning is about lesson planning, so how can it help teachers to overcome the many non-academic obstacles of the school year? By taking the lesson planning off their plate, teachers can approach the school year with more brain space to tackle issues like classroom management, without feeling like their academic rigor and engagement are suffering. It’s all about the Be, Do, Thrive framework that BPL is built on. 

In addition to having at least your first 90 days of school planned and collaborating with awesome fellow teachers, at this 2-day workshop you will listen to three amazing speakers and receive a functional AND fun digital planner. The best part? All proceeds will go toward Village Impact, an organization that supports education efforts in rural Kenya. Take a listen to get all the juicy details on what BPLis going to bring!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:00] Caitlin talks about how teachers are feeling especially challenged right now, especially when it comes to classroom management.
  • [02:00] How batch planning can help you approach your school year excited to teach and ready to face issues head on.
  • [03:20] Let batch planning help you feel in control of your teaching! Click here to join us for BPL 2022 on June 27 and 28
    *Please note this live event has passed
  • [04:00] While we’re no longer offering our Narrative Writing Workshop, we’d love to invite you to our Free Batch Planning System Live Workshop. You can register by clicking here: ebacademics.com/podcastjune2022
    *Please note this live event has passed
  • [05:40] Jessica explains that Batch Planning Live is a 2-day workshop that is completely transformative. You’ll have an opportunity to plan alongside 100s of fellow middle school ELA teachers, ask questions, and watch inspirational speakers.
  • [06:50] This event is built on our “Be, Do, Thrive” model. First, the “Be” part will get you in the right mindset for starting the year as an empowered ELA teacher who challenges students without sacrificing nights and weekends for planning. Learn some concrete exercises to help you BE the teacher you want to be, and enjoy life outside of school more, too!
  • [09:00] Next is the “Do,” which is where you’ll do your actual planning for the school year. We’ll show you our four-part framework that starts with the big picture of the school year and then focuses in on the details of lessons. Our goal is for you to have at least the first three months of your school year planned by the end of the 2-day workshop, but many of our EB veteran teachers plan their whole year.
  • [10:00] If you’re worried that batch planning will cause you to overplan, don’t be! Our framework is set up to help keep your schedule adaptable and flexible, as you know you’ll have to be as a great teacher. 
  • [10:20] In this section, you will also get to go into breakout rooms with fellow teachers to share ideas and troubleshoot planning obstacles as you support each other and collaborate.
  • [12:40] Finally, the “Thrive” portion is time to celebrate you. Celebrate everything you’ve accomplished as a batch planner! Teachers share what they will do to reward themselves. When celebration is part of your planning process, you motivate yourself to keep up your awesome habits.
  • [14:40] Now, the juicy details! Jessica and Caitlin share our speakers this summer:
    • Neill Williams, a certified life coach through the Life Coach School. She will speak on “Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle as a Teacher.” She will share her coaching framework to help you empower yourself as a teacher.
    • Blake Fly will talk about unexpected appreciation, so you will learn about his innovative approach to relationship building in his talk, “Engaging Students and Understanding Their World.”
    • Finally, Michelle Emerson and Bridget Spackman will be here to make your teaching life easier! Improve your productivity with their great ideas.
  • [19:20] In addition to having at least 90 days planned and hearing these great speakers, you will receive our new digital planner (also printable!). Our incredible designer Jane worked with us to create this beautiful, functional planner. We’ve made some great changes to last year’s planner based on teacher needs.
  • [21:00] This year’s planner will use Google sheets instead of Google slides, and Jane has created a video library of how-to videos that live in the planner. If you have a VIP ticket, you’ll also get fun, helpful digital stickers. Also included? A standards checklist for you to use, which is built in to the planner with check boxes. It includes 3 different weekly templates, which are totally customizable, so you can choose the template that works with your class schedule.
  • [25:10] The BEST part of BPL this year? Your participation will directly support Village Impact, an organization that builds schools and provides teacher resources in rural Kenya. ALL the proceeds from Batch Planning Live will go toward providing schools with professional development for teachers and business training for students. Jessica shares details about what Village Impact does for educators, administrators, and students. BE the change with EB!
  • [29:40] Please note that the link given in the show is a little mixed up 🙂 Our BPL link is https://www.ebteacher.com/summer2022BPL.
    *Please note this live event has passed
  • [30:10] Even if you can’t join us for BPL, consider adding batching planning to your beginning-of-summer schedule. Empower yourself to take back your teaching and personal life, and start your next school year feeling ready and refreshed for yourself and your students.

Click here to join us for Batch Planning Live, June 27 and 28: https://www.ebteacher.com/summer2022BPL
*Please note this live event has passed

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