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Ep 182: Work-Life Balance Is Completely Twisted(What You Should Really Focus On)

Can you identify? Your weekday mornings are a frantic rush to get yourself and your family out the door. You get to school, and it’s no less frenzied – you’re answering emails, making a mad dash for the copier, and trying to escape the chatty colleague who is slowing you down. Then the students arrive, and you’re on for the day. Your after-school life is just as stressful, and you’re totally drained by the time you go to bed. If this sounds like you, then your work-life balance may be completely twisted. Listen in as Caitlin and Jessica show you how to fix it!

For many people, “work-life balance” means working hard during the day and then coming home to relax. But most of us have lots to juggle at home, too! Caitlin and Jessica discuss the problem with this false dichotomy of work and life – the truth is, it’s ALL your life, your job included! So, what kind of life do you want to create?

If you’re spending your teaching days just trying to get to the next break, you’re wishing your life away. Caitlin and Jessica share systems you can put in place to enjoy ALL your life, including your time spent teaching. Take a listen and start deciding what you are going to do to give yourself the life you want.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [01:40] Caitlin sets the scene for listeners. Does this frenzied routine resonate with you?
  • [05:00] Jessica asks listeners: At what point did you decide that this teaching life was okay? Many teachers feel like they can’t sustain this lifestyle, where they feel like they are not doing their best in or at home.
  • [06:00] People love to push the idea of work-life balance (working hard at work and then relaxing when you get home), but how can this be possible when you’re juggling so much? Perhaps the problem is that we have to stop thinking of “work” and “life” as two separate things!
  • [06:40] The truth is, it’s ALL your life! What kind do you want to create? What is your vision for your life?
  • [08:00] Do you want to go to work excited to see your students and to teach them? Do you want to look forward to coming home each day? Do you want to enjoy your daily tasks? 
  • [09:30] You are responsible for the life that you live. There are things you can do to support the kind of life you want!
  • [11:00] Systems like batch planning, bell ringers, a lesson plan framework are all ideas you can implement to make life smoother and teaching more effective.
  • [12:00] Jessica asks some more probing questions to help listeners think about changes they can make in order to enjoy teaching more.
  • [14:30] Caitlin discusses the importance of mindset in achieving the life you want. It all starts with your perspective!

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