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Ep 195: What Can We Learn From a Kindergarten Teacher With Holly Hodges

What in the world do kindergarten and middle school classrooms have in common? Today’s special guest, Holly Hodges from Research and Play, explains this and so much more. She provides valuable insight into setting up a collaborative classroom space no matter what time of year it is. Listen in as she discusses eye opening ways to implement inquiry based learning in the classroom and why it’s so important. 

In this episode, Caitlin and Holly from Research and Play discuss 3 important things we can learn from a kindergarten teacher. Holly shares great insight on setting up a collaborative classroom, implementing inquiry based learning experiences, and considering aligning curriculum and values from Pre-K or Kindergarten all the way through middle school and beyond.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [1:11] Caitlin talks about Holly’s experience with informational play based learning. 
  • [01:35] Caitlin introduces today’s first topic of classroom space, and Holly dives into why it is so important. They elaborate on why the classroom is considered the third teacher.
  • [07:08] Caitlin resonates with Holly’s questions that you should ask yourself when setting up your classroom or a space in your room. How is this space serving your students? Every space should serve a purpose. If not, you have permission to leave it blank.
  • [08:31] Holly explains what a collaborative space actually looks like in the classroom. 
  • [12:12] Caitlin thinks about what really is essential in her desk for her to be able to teach. What if you got rid of your teacher desk? You would become so much more approachable. 
  • [13:48] Holly speaks into the trial and error process of creating a collaborative classroom space. Edit your classroom throughout the year with the help of your students.
  • [18:00] Caitlin switches gears to hands on inquiry based learning experiences, and Holly speaks into why this is important even for older students. 
  • [24:48] Caitlin jumps into how middle school teachers should be sure to consider where their students have come from, Holly explains how standards are built up from Kindergarten all the way up. It is so important to work together for the benefit of our students. 
  • [28:55] Holly shares how she had to change up some of her previous writing prompts and really listen to her students. This gives them more choice and provides a richer learning experience.
  • [31:00] Holly reminds listeners how important it is to provide structure across the board. This actually allows them more space to explore and be creative within the provided parameters. 
  • [33:00] Caitlin talks about the power of being able to set your classroom up in this way at any time of the year. 
  • [33:50] Caitlin asks Holly if there is one thing that middle school teachers can do when considering vertical alignment of curriculum all the way from Pre-K or Kindergarten to middle school and higher.
  • [35:40] You can learn more from Holly @researchandplay on Instagram, or on her website at https://www.research-and-play.com/.

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