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Ep 196: Are You Making This Mistake With Your Students’ Writing Samples?

Confession time: Do you dread teaching writing? Do you struggle to teach writing and do your students struggle to produce anything passable that doesn’t take you hours to grade? If so, consider what might be your biggest struggle with writing. Whatever the struggle, has writing become your least favorite part of teaching English because it’s just SO. MUCH. WORK?

We want to change that. At EB, we actually focus on 4 pillars that will truly help you look forward to teaching writing because you are confident in HOW to actually teach it and your students are confident in HOW to actually write. Listen in today as we share one of our favorite pillars with you. 

Tune in now to hear:

  • [1:25] Caitlin starts off today’s topic with what makes us dread teaching writing and how much work there is in doing so.
  • [2:46] Jessica goes on to list some of the struggles teachers face when it comes to teaching writing.
  • [4:23] Jessica touches on one of the 4 pillars that we use at EB that will help you look forward to teaching the subject.
  • [4:58] Caitlin goes on to share how providing students with teacher writing samples help them get a better idea on how to formulate their essays.
  • [7:10] Jessica talks about the common mistakes we make in teaching writing.
  • [8:38] Caitlin touches on the simple yet effective idea of writing a sample essay in advance; she goes on to share how this has become a game-changer in her writing classes
  • [13:48] Jessica discusses setting guidelines when providing your students writing samples and some engaging ways you can do it such as breaking down a paragraph sentence by sentence and letting your students creatively construct the paragraph themselves.
  • [17:58] Caitlin continues speaking on the importance of this strategy. The sample essays you write can be used for years to come, and you also get to practice your writing skills while you’re at it.
  • [20:20] If you’re interested in learning more about our writing program, you may visit www.ebwritingprogram.com.

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