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Ep 199: How Constricting Your Time Can Actually Increase Creativity with Neill Williams

In this episode, our guest Neill Williams shares the BEST practices you can habitually apply to improve your work week and personal schedule while increasing your productivity and creativity. Caitlin’s personal friend and life coach, Neill, was once the girl who was focused on climbing up the corporate ladder which compelled her to work 50 to 60 hours a week, believing that if she worked more hours then she could accomplish more.

While she was excelling at her job, she was missing out on other things that she valued such as spending time with her family and relaxing on the weekends. If this is something you can relate to then this podcast episode is for you. Listen in to learn how Neill bounced back from this mindset to perfecting the game of time management and building a healthy schedule that helped her reach ultimate success.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [2:03] Caitlin starts with sharing some ways to help your productivity serve you better so you can be a high performer but still have time outside of school.
  • [2:45] Neill expands on why the idea of “spending more time on your tasks somehow makes you achieve more” does not actually work.
  • [4:12] Neill goes on to share her story about how she discovered constricting your time to do things does help increase creativity and productivity since she became a mom.
  • [7:50] She continues on how she was able to do more when working less hours. One strategy is to list the things that you want to accomplish; figuring out what needs to be done, knowing how much actual time you have to finish a task, and working on the task within the allotted time.
  • [9:45] Caitlin shares how setting a deadline enables you to be hyper-focused as it creates a sense of urgency to complete the task ONLY within the time limit.
  • [12:39] Neill explains the topic of external circumstances that you don’t have control over. Also known as reasons on why you ‘can’t’ accomplish something and what you can do to avoid this “self-sabotage”.
  • [17:41] Caitlin opens the topic about the “time conflict” with high-performing people. Your thoughts reflect your actions; if you spend more time on the things you feel you excel at vs the things you think you’re not good at then your time will consist more of what you like doing than what you’re supposed to be doing/what’s supposed to be done.
  • [25:43] Caitlin shares how creating time blocks on Sunday nights for the week to come helps set up your mind for the week; Neill expands on the importance of pre-planning your week: “80% of the work gets done at the last 20% of the time”.
  • [33:10] Thinking about why you want to do this is also important. “Measuring your progress backwards” helps you see how far you’ve come; the reward will be the sense of accomplishment and your free time.
  • [36:48] Neill shares that when you make decisions ahead of time, you’re using the higher quality part of your brain. Plan your schedule at least 24 hrs in advance, and you’ll have better results.
  • [40:39] If you want to hear more from Neill Williams, click here for her podcast episodes about productivity and personal management! Neill also actively participates in our monthly membership workshops and works closely with our EB Teachers Club members.

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