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Ep 204: Actually Using Writing Conferences that Work (with Chad)

Writing conferences are a great way to bring your students’ focus back to writing with the content you want and how you want to accomplish it. In this episode, Caitlin and our guest Chad Pettit discuss how to use writing conferences successfully in your classroom, how they can enhance student learning, and why they should be on your radar if you want your students to write more and learn more.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [1:09] Caitlin introduces our guest Chad Pettit
  • [3:44] Chad tells us a little bit about himself
  • [10:00] Chad goes on to share why student-teacher writing conferences is important
  • [11:25] Chad shares that research shows that students are more focused on the grades you put on their paper than the feedback hence they make the same mistakes over
  • [13:21] Chad mentions that if we had a system in place where students get feedback from multiple people then they’re more likely to absorb the feedback
  • [14:26] Caitlin asks how writing conferences solve the common classroom problems in teaching writing
  • [15:58] Chad shares that his writing conferences in the classroom are 2-3 minutes long and that students come in prepared beforehand
  • [17:16] Chad shares how he implements his writing conferences
  • [20:25] Caitlin and Chad mention how they both do not follow the district pacing guide and do what’s best for the students instead
  • [31:54] Chad shares how asking students to give one goal to reach during a conference would help improve their output
  • [36:11] Chad mentions how observing your students during these writing conferences is so powerful
  • [38:36] Chad shares about the software he uses in writing conferences
  • [43:24] Chad leaves us with a last piece of advice for implementing his approach to teaching writing

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