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Ep 208: 3 Activities to Master the Speaking and Listening Standards

You have to be intentional when focusing on the speaking and listening standards. Your middle school students probably use a lot of “ums”, “likes”, or awkward pauses when speaking. You may even have a hard time getting them to construct arguments when they give a presentation or participate in a class discussion. In this video, I’m going to walk you through 3 effective strategies that you can immediately implement to get your students to master the speaking and listening standards in an engaging way.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [:31] Caitlin explains the importance of getting student buy-in and exactly how to do that.
  • [:59] Caitlin discusses the 3 activities to use for “speech school.”
  • [1:10] She explains the first activity: Ask the Expert.
  • [3:47] She dives into the second activity of speech school: The 30-second challenge!
  • [5:33:] Caitlin explains the third activity of speech school: Enthusiasm Expertise.
  • [8:34:] She explains how different activities allow your students the opportunity to practice these important skills and become confident communicators.

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