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Ep 211: Writing Workshops – Are They Really Effective? Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Writer’s Workshop series. In our first episode, we discuss all of the issues with a writer’s workshop and why we are not big fans of using them in the classroom. In today’s episode, we move on to discuss how to effectively implement a workshop with a writing framework while incorporating rigorous and engaging lessons to achieve student growth.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [1:41] Caitlin reminds everyone to listen to part 1 of this series- Episode 210.
  • [2:21] Caitlin shares how you can implement a writer’s workshop ( if you are required to) along with a framework. 
  • [2:51] She explains that you need to be strategic when planning. Look at your entire year along with your curriculum and standards.
  • [4:36] Caitlin gives examples of how you can use a writing workshop and a framework together to be more effective.
  • [5:35] She talks about a fun way to assess skills that is highly engaging and rigorous. 
  • [7:15] She explains that students need independent practice from a mini-lesson to really allow them to grasp the concept and see results.
  • [8:19] If you are considering teaching workshops with a framework, Caitlin asks key questions to consider when planning.
  • [9:03] Caitlin invites you to consider your goal for essay writing throughout the year.
  • [9:50] She reminds you that it is possible to combine a good framework and a writer’s workshop with a little bit of extra effort.

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