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Bonus Episode: Write Sample Essays with Chat GPT

One of the best ways to help improve your students’ writing is to provide them with solid mentor texts. When students examine a well-written sample essay, it gives them something to strive for in their own writing. Sounds great, except many teachers don’t have the extra time to write sample essays for each of their writing units. In today’s podcast, Caitlin and Jessica solve that problem and share how you can use AI to help you draft sample essays that will support your students without taking up all your time and energy.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [:45] Caitlin reminds listeners to check out the previous episodes that give listeners details about Chat GPT and how to use AI in the classroom successfully.
  • [1:07] In today’s episode, Caitlin and Jessica share a time-saving hack that is all about using Chat GPT to write sample essays for your students.
  • [1:34] Jessica explains how using sample essays can help support students with their writing.
  • [3:29] Next, Caitlin tells a story about how an EB Teacher utilized AI to write a sample essay, and it aligned with the EBW approach, saving that teacher a ton of time!
  • [4:39] Teachers can ask Chat GPT to write an essay about a given prompt, and Caitlin details how, with just a few small tweaks, a sample essay is created that your students can use as a guide for their own writing.
  • [7:19] Jessica discusses how teachers can embrace AI and use it in practical ways in the classroom.
  • [8:26] Don’t miss Caitlin’s teaser about something exciting in the works at EB!

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