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Ep 214: Rethinking Poetry: A Fresh Perspective for Engaging Students

Do you find that your students dread reading poetry? You can probably picture all of those blank stares you get from your students now. We’ve been there, but in today’s episode, we share some tips and tricks to make poetry fun and less intimidating for both you and your students. You will love these simple activities that can be rinsed and repeated in your classroom all year long!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [:40] Caitlin begins with explaining new updates to our podcast.
  • [1:46] Jessica joins us again on the podcast and expresses her excitement for poetry discussions.
  • [3:58] Inspired by a recent education conference, Jessica shares her major takeaways in a question-and-answer format with Caitlin.
  • [6:46] First, Jessica expands upon the power of poetry and the importance of allowing students to engage with poetry at a human level.
  • [10:12] Jessica references this Washington Post Article written by a poet on the topic of reading poetry simply for enjoyment.
  • [11:57] The second major takeaway Jessica details is engaging students to view poetry through a different lens.
  • [13:43] Jessica outlines the following questions teachers can use in their own classrooms:
    • What can you learn about the person from the story they tell in the poem?
    • Do you see yourself reflected in some way in the poem?
    • What insights can you take away about the individual in the poem?
    • What insights can you take away about the greater human experience?
  • [15:45] Finally, Jessica shares some ideas to help students overcome feelings of intimidation when writing their own poetry. 
  • [16:55] She explains how to use a Copy and Change Poem with students to increase confidence with writing poetry.
  • [19:11] Caitlin is reminded of another approachable type of poem, a Found Poem. She also mentions the following blog post on the topic: EB Academics Found Poetry Blog Post.
  • [20:45] Caitlin ends with a teaser for next week’s poetry-themed episode!

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