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Ep 216: Hook Your Students with Interactive Poetry Analysis

While some students (and even teachers) may consider reading poetry to be like watching paint dry, it doesn’t have to be! Caitlin and Jessica share a unique “Into” lesson with listeners that is sure to hook your students, preparing them for a successful and enjoyable experience with poetry.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [:44] Caitlin encourages listeners to be sure and check out the last two episodes where she and Jessica discussed rethinking poetry and using a fun competition to engage students in poetry.
  • [1:28] Many students may consider poetry to be a boring topic, but Caitlin suggests that with the right approach, students and teachers alike can find great enjoyment in the genre of poetry.
  • [3:37] Caitlin introduces an “Into” lesson that will truly hook your students, setting them up for success with poetry.
  • [4:10] Jessica explains how to set up day one of this engaging activity called “Guess Who.”
  • [7:09] Day two of Guess Who allows students to get up and interact with their peers’ poems. Caitlin offers six questions you can give your students to answer as they participate:
    • How does the poet use literary devices such as imagery, symbolism, and metaphor to convey the theme?
    • What is the poem’s tone? How does it contribute to the overall meaning of the stanza?
    • How does the poet use language and word choice to create a specific effect or tone?
    • How does the poet use imagery and symbolism to reveal deeper meanings?
    • What is the poet’s attitude toward the subject and how is it conveyed in the poem?
    • Guess who: student poet or published poet?
  • [9:14] Jessica offers some advice on adapting this activity for a large class and your students’ individual needs.
  • [10:27] Finally, Caitlin and Jessica summarize how this Guess Who activity allows your students to investigate many elements of poetry while interacting with both their peers’ writing and works of published poets.
  • [12:45] Caitlin introduces next week’s podcast topic: Two Voice Poetry. Don’t miss this final poetry episode that will prepare you for a successful Poetry Month in April!

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