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Ep 218: Visual Essays: A Writing Assignment Your Students will Actually Like

Writing essays may not sound like the most exciting activity to your middle school students, but Caitlin and Jessica have a unique idea to freshen up that typical essay in your classroom! Today on the podcast, listeners will hear all about how to implement a visual essay. This is a creative assignment that will help your students practice and master the writing standards. They’re still writing an essay, but in a brand new way! As always, you’ll hear practical tips and tricks for implementing this unique activity in your own classroom.

Tune in now to hear:

  • [1:41] Caitlin introduces this month’s four-part series where she and Jessica will be sharing strategies for keeping your students engaged as the school year winds down.
  • [2:05] Today’s episode covers visual essays, a unique writing assignment that students will love! EB Teachers have access to a visual essay resource in their dashboard.
  • [2:31] Caitlin and Jessica encourage teachers to utilize a visual essay instead of the traditional essay format to freshen things up in the classroom any time of year.
  • [4:45] Jessica explains how a visual essay can be ideal for literary analysis and text-dependent essays. 
  • [6:24] Caitlin details how the visual essay is different from a typical essay, but it includes all the necessary components of a well-written paper. 
  • [7:28] This engaging writing assignment can serve many purposes in your classroom, and Caitlin breaks down all the ways you could utilize it to support and assess your students.
  • [8:45] Jessica and Caitlin then walk listeners through the practical steps of completing a visual essay.
  • [15:58] Once students have finished their visual essays, they can share their creativity with their classmates, and Jessica offers ideas for setting this up in your classroom.
  • [16:40] Caitlin provides suggestions for creating a visual essay on paper rather than using it as a digital activity.
  • [18:34] Jessica expands upon the benefits of using this unique form of writing with your students as they practice the writing standards.
  • [19:20] Don’t miss the next three episodes that showcase more engaging lessons that will keep your students motivated and learning for the rest of the school year!

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