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Episode 223: Use this Game to Help Students Master Commonly Confused Words

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As English teachers, seeing a word misused in a sentence can be cringe-worthy, and you probably catch mistakes in your students’ writing where they have confused two words that sound similar but have very different meanings. Today’s podcast is all about helping your students get a grasp on these most commonly misused words, and this is a grammar lesson they won’t forget! Caitlin and Jessica share how to set up a rousing game of “Homophone Hit” that will help your students master these tricky words once and for all!

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  • [1:53] Today’s episode is all about using a game to help your students with commonly confused words, and Caitlin mentions a few of these tricky words that students struggle to master.
  • [3:40] This activity is perfect to use at any point in the year when your students need practice or a reminder about these words that are commonly misused in writing.
  • [4:16] Caitlin shares the first step in helping your students with these challenging words, and that is direct, explicit instruction. 
  • [5:29] While explicit instruction is the first step, Jessica notes how the learning does not stop there. Students need practice to achieve mastery, and a game is a perfect activity for this!
  • [5:53] Jessica introduces the game, “Homophone Hit.” EB Teachers have access to this engaging game in their EB Dashboard.
  • [6:16] Next, listeners will hear all the basic steps in setting this game up in your classroom. Jessica provides a list of homophones to use in your game:
    • Except, accept
    • To, too, two
    • Affect, effect
    • Then, than
    • Whether, weather
    • There, their, they’re
    • Your, you’re
    • Compliment, complement
    • Allowed, aloud
    • Its, it’s
    • Principal, principle
    • Are, our
    • Sight, site, cite
    • Do, due
    • Every day, everyday
    • Lose, loose
    • Whose, who’s
    • New, knew
  • [9:02] As a bonus, Jessica suggests an easy way to use AI to help you set up the game!
  • [9:20] After students have played Homophone Hit, Jessica shares how teachers can easily check that their students truly understand how to use these words in their writing.
  • [10:40] Caitlin provides information for an upcoming summer professional development workshop all about covering the ELA standards and engaging your students in the content. Be sure to listen in to find out where to sign up for this FREE series!

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