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Episode 225: Part 2: An End of Year Activity Your Students Will Love: Create Your Own Escape Room

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In today’s episode, Caitlin and Jessica share the second part of their discussion on how to implement student-led and student-created escape rooms in your classroom. This type of activity is perfect to use at the end of the school year when everyone is needing a break from typical classroom activities. We hope you try this out with your students before the school year ends!

Tune in now to hear:

  • [:48] Caitlin introduces the second episode in this two-part series about a unique way to utilize escape rooms in the classroom.
  • [1:10] Before jumping into the episode, Caitlin lets listeners in on two learning opportunities that EB Academics is hosting this summer for teachers. You won’t want to miss out on these exciting PD experiences that will give you practical tools and strategies for the classroom! 
  • [3:18] In today’s episode, Caitlin and Jessica share how to finalize a super-engaging end-of-the-year activity: an escape room created by your students! Be sure to check out the previous episode for details on how to set this up in your classroom.
  • [4:17] Jessica outlines the details of how to execute this student-created escape room once it’s prepared.
  • [7:10] Then Caitlin finishes explaining the creation process students will go through to finalize their escape rooms.
  • [9:03] To tie all this together, Jessica shares a checklist of the items students will need to turn in before their peers take on their escape room:
    • Four task cards
    • Answer key
    • Three clue cards
    • Names of three locations in the classroom that relate to clue cards
  • [10:14] Jessica also suggests having each group walk through their own escape rooms to double-check that everything works as it should.
  • [10:40] Caitlin discusses what final steps the teacher will need to take to ensure the success of these student-led escape rooms.
  • [12:43] Finally, Jessica closes the episode by reviewing the benefits of allowing your students to build their own escape room.
  • [13:30] As a reminder, be sure to sign up for the EB Academics PD experience happening in June which is all about engagement in the classroom!

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