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Episode 226: 9 Reasons Engagement Should be a Top Priority in Your Classroom

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Let’s face it, teaching can feel overwhelming. There are so many hats that teachers wear, and juggling all those roles can feel unmanageable. Caitlin and Jessica hope to change that feeling for teachers! In today’s episode, they encourage listeners to focus their attention on improving one thing in the classroom: engagement. They list out nine positive effects that creating engaging lessons can have on students, as well as teachers. You won’t want to miss these points, as well as information about all the exciting opportunities happening this summer with EB Academics!

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  • [:49] As May comes to a close, Caitlin and Jessica reflect on why engagement is so important in the classroom for both teacher satisfaction and student learning outcomes.
  • [1:44] Caitlin quickly reminds listeners about the upcoming free PD experience that is coming in June–all about engagement in the classroom!
  • [3:48] To begin this discussion, Caitlin and Jessica make a comparison between being a teacher and being a cruise director–there are actually several parallels!
  • [6:03] While teaching can be a lot to manage, focusing on improving one thing can actually make the experience far more manageable.
  • [6:21] Jessica begins to expand on why focusing on engagement alone can be a game-changer in the classroom.
  • [6:55] Singularity of focus–getting good at one thing–can impact other areas of our classroom and our lives, and Caitlin explains why.
  • [7:42] Caitlin first details how engagement increases student participation.
  • [9:19] The second benefit of focusing on engagement is improved classroom management, and Jessica offers her thoughts about this relationship.
  • [10:32] Caitlin connects how engagement is even important to us as adults and our behavior, so it only makes sense that it impacts our students, as well!
  • [11:12] Engaging lessons can also enhance creativity from the teacher and help keep things exciting in the classroom.
  • [11:46] Next, Caitlin and Jessica reflect on how engagement can actually lead to greater job satisfaction for teachers.
  • [15:00] Engagement can also improve relationships between students and teachers.
  • [16:02] Caitlin then explains how developing engaging lessons builds professional skills for teachers, leading to career opportunities and growth.
  • [17:32] Accurately assessing your students can also be impacted by engaging lessons.
  • [18:43] Finally, engaging lessons affect student learning outcomes, and Caitlin expands on why that is so impactful.
  • [19:55] Jessica reviews other episodes of the podcast where she and Caitlin offer teachers simple activities to implement to drive engagement.
  • [20:47] Caitlin reflects on EB Academics’ mission statement and how passionate the team is about helping teachers create a balance between their work and life.
  • [21:19] Be sure to check out the professional development experience coming in June that will help teachers put all these practices in place in their classrooms. Caitlin gives all the details on how to be part of this event.
  • [21:51] Listeners also won’t want to miss the other opportunities offered by EB Academics throughout the summer months–join us to learn how to THRIVE as a teacher!

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