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Episode 230: Teach Smarter, Not Harder: Achieving the Perfect Blend of Fun, Rigor, and Learning

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On this episode of Teaching Middle School ELA, Caitlin and Jessica explore how to maintain rigor in the classroom while engaging learners. Caitlin and Jessica share their structured approach to teaching ELA, which is offered to members of the EB Teachers’ Club. Listeners will hear about a fun and rigorous activity for teaching narrative writing using the game of MASH. These types of lessons and activities make teaching sustainable and enjoyable while also helping students master the standards. Teachers are invited to a free PD workshop hosted by EB Academics in June.

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  • [00:00:52] In this episode, Caitlin and Jessica discuss teaching smarter, not harder to avoid end-of-school-year burnout.
  • [00:03:19] Listeners will hear about a spiral review activity to teach narrative writing throughout the year. Caitlin and Jessica emphasize the importance of revisiting concepts to help students master the standards. They also provide practical advice to work smarter and not harder as a middle school ELA teacher.
  • [00:14:34] Teachers are invited to join the EB Teachers’ Club for engaging and rigorous ELA lessons that can be rinsed and repeated throughout the year to make teaching more enjoyable. EB Academics is also hosting a free workshop this month on maintaining rigor and engagement in the classroom. Listeners can find out more at ebacademics.com/engaging. 

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