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Episode 231: Making Every Minute Count, No Matter the Length of Your Class Period

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On this episode of Teaching Middle School ELA, we explore the importance of having a classroom routine and planning framework to save time and aid classroom management. Caitlin and Jessica share practical tips and insights based on their experience, including the importance of using the standards as a guide for strategic lesson planning. They also stress the importance of starting class with a bell work activity that spiral reviews ELA standards, as even a few minutes wasted can mean over 10% of class time lost. With a planning framework and consistent structure, teachers and students can thrive in the classroom.

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  • [00:04:02] Having a vision in teaching for structure, routine, and work-life balance is essential. Planning in advance is necessary for teaching success and meeting standards. Without a vision, teachers may feel frazzled and time-crunched. Need to do something different to achieve different outcomes.
  • [00:11:07] Efficiency is crucial in short class periods. Bell work should be assigned to get students immediately working on academic activities. Spiral reviewing for all standards is ideal. 
  • [00:14:06] Creating a routine for students at the beginning of class is important for seamless learning and classroom management. A YouTube video demonstrating how to set up this routine will be linked in the show notes.
  • [00:19:00] Caitlin and Jessica share their teaching framework where class time is divided into reading and writing, on alternating days. 
  • [00:25:37] Join EB Academics for a summer professional development workshop focused on planning schedules and class period structure.
  • [00:28:50] Caitlin and Jessica share their final tips for structuring a 90-minute class period: break it down into smaller components such as bell work, literature lessons, grammar games, independent reading, and take a break at the 40 or 45-minute mark to stretch and refresh.

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