Episode 237: Get Your Students Actually Enjoying Writing with this FUN Activity - EB Academics

Episode 237: Get Your Students Actually Enjoying Writing with this FUN Activity

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On this episode of Teaching Middle School ELA, Caitlin and Jessica discuss a fun and engaging lesson called “The Case of the Stolen Pearls” that can help middle school students enjoy writing. The activity involves solving a mystery to figure out which teacher stole a pearl necklace using an evidence-based writing approach. They discuss the importance of teaching literary analysis as the foundation of every other writing style and share tips for improving student writing scores.

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  • [00:00:52] In this episode, Caitlin and Jessica welcome listeners and invite them to a free workshop on teaching literary analysis hosted by EB Academics this month. They then dive into the main focus of this episode:a fun activity to help students enjoy writing and improve their literary analysis skills.
  • [00:04:35] This engaging lesson involves a mystery called, “The Case of the Stolen Pearls” where students have to find out which teacher stole the pearls by analyzing evidence from a given text. The activity follows the EBW approach and includes writing and discussion. 
  • [00:09:17] This activity is available for free at ebacademics.com/pearls. Listeners can sign up for the free ELA PD series all about teaching literary analysis at ebteacher.com/writing.

The Case of the Missing Pearls

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