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Episode 247: Your Burning ELA Questions Answered

Today’s episode of Teaching Middle School ELA is unique–Caitlin and Jessica answer teachers’ most burning ELA questions on the podcast! Listeners will hear everything from advice on how to organize materials for learning units, strategies for teaching grammar, as well as tips to help students justify evidence in writing. They will also explore the importance of combining reading and writing, as well as effective classroom management techniques. 

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  • [00:02:10] Caitlin and Jessica first respond to a listener and encourage teachers to embrace short story units, be cautious with book clubs, and make discussions purposeful and rigorous. They encourage listeners to use critical thinking activities, socratic seminars, and writing assignments in combination with short stories and novels.
  • [00:08:10] A listener also asked a question about effective ways to teach grammar. The EB Grammar Program follows a three-pillar grammar framework: direct instruction, hands-on games, and application to writing. Students practice in a low-stress environment and apply grammar skills to their writing using checklists. 
  • [00:16:11] The concept of combining reading and writing is then discussed. Listeners can hear Caitlin and Jessica’s thoughts on the benefits of combining reading and writing in class. They emphasize the importance of making connections for students.
  • [00:21:53] Classroom management is key for any teacher, and listeners will hear ideas around building relationships with students, using a variety of classroom management strategies, and rewarding desired behavior to encourage self-regulation and cooperation.
  • [00:27:24] Caitlin and Jessica then offer suggestions for how to organize and store EB materials, such as creating Google Drive folders, using binders and expanding folders, and having specific sections for different subjects.
  • [00:29:28] Finally, batch planning is discussed, and listeners can gain insight around how this planning strategy can save them time both in and outside of the classroom.

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