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Episode 248: Stop Writing Sample Essays with Your Students; Do THIS Instead

In today’s episode of Teaching Middle School ELA, we delve into a thought-provoking topic that may ruffle some feathers. We discuss the unintended consequences of writing model essays in front of students and explore whether this practice aligns with our goals of demonstrating proper writing techniques and fostering creativity. Join us as we break down the side effects of this approach, such as creating unrealistic expectations and stifling students’ creativity. But don’t worry, we also provide an alternative that can foster active learning and allow students to thrive in their writing journey. Get ready for an engaging discussion that may challenge your current practices in the classroom!

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[00:03:44] Caitlin and Jessica examine the practice of writing sample essays in front of students and its potential negative effects on creativity and active learning.

[00:09:20] Active learning experiences improve writing skills, collaboration, and critical thinking, and missing out on these opportunities has a negative ripple effect. Modeling writing may not be as effective as active learning.

[00:12:27] Listeners will hear why showing students sample essays, rather than writing essays together as a class, can lead to better engagement and improve students’ writing skills. Teachers can utilize AI models like ChatGPT to make creating writing prompts easier and ensure students can respond to them.

[00:17:09] Caitlin and Jessica then discuss a hands-on activity for students that helps them internalize a writing framework, practice using transition words, and engage in quality discussion. 

[00:21:16] Teachers are encouraged to step back from their expert role in writing to foster student ownership and autonomy for better writing skills and empowerment.

[00:23:52] Next week’s episode is focused on writing effective summaries, and listeners are encouraged to tune in to help their students master this tricky skill.

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