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Episode 249: Finally! A Way for Middle Schoolers to Write Effective Summaries

In today’s final episode of the Teaching Middle School ELA podcast, we’re going to tackle a common challenge faced by ELA teachers: helping middle school students write effective summaries. We’ll share a fun and engaging activity that will teach your students how to tidy up their summaries by getting rid of unnecessary details. Plus, we’ll provide practical tips and step-by-step instructions to implement this activity in your classroom. So join us as we sweep away the clutter and empower your students to write concise and organized summaries. 

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[00:00:54] Teaching students how to summarize can be tricky, but in today’s episode, Caitlin and Jessica explore an activity that will help students improve their summarizing skills by eliminating unnecessary details.

[00:06:36] In this activity, students categorize details as essential, inessential, or unsure by placing post-it notes on labeled signs. Essential details are those that are critical to the plot and belong in a short summary. Inessential details are not important for understanding the main points of the story.

[00:07:45] Having discussions about non-essential details can help students better understand a story and help them summarize the details of a story.

[00:12:37] Caitlin and Jessica encourage teachers to consistently use the “SWBST” method for effective summaries, equipping students with skills to focus on more important parts of stories.

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