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Episode 251: Tap Into Students’ Halloween Energy with this Haunted Forest Escape Room

In today’s episode of Teaching Middle School ELA, we have a special treat for you as we dive into the spookiness of Halloween. We understand that the days leading up to Halloween can be a challenge in the classroom, as students are filled with excitement and anticipation. Join us as we guide you through an engaging and standards-aligned lesson called the Haunted Forest Escape Room. This three-class period unit is designed to make your students feel like class is a little more special during this time of year. Best of all, the lessons center around literary analysis, focusing on plot, setting, and characterization. So get ready to embrace the excitement of the season and engage your students in a frightfully fun and educational activity!

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[00:01:40] Caitlin and Jessica begin today’s episode remembering the excitement of Halloween as a middle schooler, with costume choices, trick-or-treating plans, and candy consumption.

[00:04:55] They share an activity that will not only engage students this time of year, but will also help them review skills around plot structure and literary analysis. Listeners will hear how to set this activity up in their own classrooms.

[00:12:32] The final lesson in this three-day activity is an escape room. Using escape rooms in the classroom can create energy and momentum, engaging students in their learning.

[00:18:38] Students will love this spooky activity that is not only engaging, but also standards-aligned, helping manage the excitement of the Halloween season.

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