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Episode 252: Cut Back on Grading While Leaving Meaningful Feedback with Dr. Harper

In today’s episode of Teaching Middle School ELA, we welcome Dr. Rebecca Harper to the podcast and delve into the topic of assessment, especially when it comes to writing. We reflect on the importance of having checkpoints along the way, and we discuss the power of quick writes and how they can be used to improve writing instruction. Listeners will hear about various methods to engage students in reading and writing, and we address the challenges of grading writing, the importance of providing effective feedback, and the value of assessing smaller chunks throughout the teaching process. Join us as we unpack these topics and share practical strategies to enhance your ELA classroom.

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[00:02:05] Jessica welcomes Dr. Rebecca Harper to the Teaching Middle School ELA podcast.

[00:04:31] Jessica and Dr. Harper discuss how grading writing can be overwhelming, especially if teachers don’t have a consistent system or provide regular opportunities for writing.

[00:08:59] Dr. Harper reflects on the importance of assessment in student grading, and the need for checkpoints rather than just a final grade.

[00:12:11] Listeners will hear about the impact of storytelling in education and the importance of teaching argumentative skills to middle and high school students, leading up to a final draft.

[00:20:02] Creating space for regular checkpoints in an assignment and breaking down assignments can help students with writing tasks and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed.

[00:20:58] Dr. Harper mentions a few fun and unique ways to engage students in their learning, like using paint strips and post-its to aid reading comprehension and research.

[00:30:26] Providing feedback to students on their writing is important, but the language used in this feedback is equally important to avoid damaging trust and vulnerability with students.

[00:37:08] Listeners will hear Dr. Harper explore various reading strategies that teachers can utilize in their own classrooms, including reading picture books and engaging students in drawing.

[00:39:30] Dr. Rebecca Harper has authored multiple books around creating authentic reading and writing experiences in the classroom. Listeners can find her work at https://www.drrebeccagharper.com/

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