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Best of: Anticipation Stations: Your New Go-To Pre-Reading Activity

In this episode of the Teaching Middle School ELA podcast, we’re re-airing a past episode that is a teacher favorite! This was originally aired last April 19, 2022. Listen in as we dive into an activity that will transform your pre-reading experience with your students. Get ready to discover the power of Anticipation Stations and how they can elevate your students’ understanding, engagement, and critical thinking skills for any text. We’ll walk you through the setup, provide examples using Lois Lowry’s The Giver, and offer insights on why this activity is a game changer in your ELA classroom. 

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[00:03:02] Caitlin and Jessica discuss one of their all-time favorite pre-reading activities: Anticipation Stations.

[00:04:00] If you’re an EB Teachers’ Club member, you have access to a variety of Anticipation Stations in our novel and short story unit resources. 

[00:09:39] Caitlin and Jessica walk teachers through how to use Anticipation Stations in their own classroom. This activity encourages interactive responses with drawings and explanations prior to reading a text. 

[00:12:53] Students create predictions about any novel or short story with this activity, leading to deeper discussions while reading. 

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