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Episode 253: Master the Tricky Standard of Analyzing Conflicting Information with this Lesson

In today’s episode of Teaching Middle School ELA, we’re diving into the tricky standard of analyzing conflicting information. With the overwhelming amount of media that students consume and the need to determine what is credible information, this is a vital skill for them to develop. From understanding conflicting information to identifying shared and conflicting details among texts, evaluating source credibility, and developing critical thinking skills, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to help your students become critical thinkers and analyzers of information. Join us as we break down this concept and explore ideas to teach students these skills. 

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[00:01:30] Caitlin and Jessica discuss the importance of teaching students to evaluate the credibility of sources when encountering conflicting information.

[00:04:15] Consider reviewing conflicting information, identifying shared and conflicting details, defining perspective, bias, and agenda, evaluating source credibility, cross-referencing information, and using critical thinking skills when teaching students to analyze conflicting information.

[00:07:31] Understanding conflicting information leads students to question and analyze validity. Identifying common details helps determine accuracy.

[00:11:02] Students must evaluate source credibility when reading information by considering factors such as author background, publisher, website, and date of publication. They should ensure sources are trustworthy and reliable, especially when encountering conflicting information. 

[00:15:42] EB Teachers have access to a valuable resource on analyzing conflicting information that can assist students in the digital age while promoting critical thinking and responsible citizenship.

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