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Episode 254: Teach Student-Friendly Short Stories with this Simple Hack

Welcome back to another episode of the Teaching Middle School ELA podcast where we are diving into a simple hack for teaching student-friendly short stories. We all know the struggle of trying to engage our students with complex texts that may be challenging for them. But fear not, because we have some strategies to make those required texts more accessible and enjoyable for your students. Listen in as we explore this topic and begin to ignite interest in challenging texts.

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[00:01:44] Caitlin reminds listeners of a special Black Friday promotion for The EB Writing Program, which is an incredibly effective, comprehensive writing curriculum for middle school ELA classrooms. https://ebacademics.com/writingwaitlist

[00:05:34] Today’s episode explores the Importance of teaching engaging literature, and Caitlin and Jessica discuss how difficult it can be to find engaging and rigorous texts for the classroom.

[00:07:07] It’s important to introduce challenging texts to our students to help them grow. Utilizing simple activities can engage students with any text, even the challenging ones. 

[00:14:00] Caitlin and Jessica walk through an activity called “Popcorn Predictions” that is a great way to introduce any text. 

[00:17:07] Finally, listeners are reminded about upcoming Black Friday promotions. Be sure to join the waitlist for The EB Writing Program here: https://ebacademics.com/writingwaitlist 

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