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Best of: Engaging Activities to Add to Short Story Units

Are you finding it challenging to keep your students focused and excited during your ELA class period? We’ve got you covered in this episode where we explore three captivating short stories, along with interactive activities that will grab your students’ attention and keep them on their toes. You’ll hear about how to use a treasure hunt, a fun prediction activity, and a game of knockout to engage your students in short story units in your classroom!

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[00:01] Caitlin and Jessica encourage listeners to use short stories as an engaging way to study literature. They discuss how to use a fun activity with the story, “The Treasure of Lemon Brown.”

[05:13] Next, listeners will hear about a fun prediction activity that can be used with a variety of texts. Caitlin and Jessica share how to use it with the short story, “Amigo Brothers.” 

[09:30] Games are a great way to increase the level of engagement in your classroom, and listeners will hear how to use the game Knockout with your short story units.

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