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Episode 266: Interview with Grace Stevens on Setting Healthy Boundaries

On this episode of The Teaching Middle School ELA Podcast guest host, Grace Stevens, joins us with a wealth of experience in the field of education. With two decades of experience as a public school teacher, she has witnessed and navigated the complex landscape of education before, during, and after the tumultuous era of COVID-19. Now transitioning from her role as an educator, Grace has embraced her passion for fostering growth and well-being in mentors by becoming a teacher empowerment coach.

Grace brings her unique perspective, shaped by her own battle with burnout, to share practical tips on how to establish and maintain boundaries that protect our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. We’ll explore how our energy as teachers resonates in the classroom, the red flags that indicate our limits are being pushed, and the small yet mighty steps we can take toward sustaining our passion for teaching without compromising our health.

Prepare for an empowering discussion that promises to leave you with actionable advice and a fresh perspective on striking that delicate balance between giving your best to your students and keeping your own batteries charged. It’s such an important topic to bring to light; we can’t wait for you to tune in!

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[00:00:25] Megan introduces Grace Stevens from the Balance Your Teacher Life Podcast! Grace shares a quick bio about her teaching experience and her mission to support teachers today.

[00:02:00] Grace reflects on her experience in the corporate world before becoming a teacher, and how the same unfortunate habits that contributed to burnout resurfaced after spending a few years inside the classroom. Grace explains her motivation, after 20 years in the classroom, to support teachers with their mental health and well-being through her book, podcast, courses and other avenues.

[00:07:20] Grace presents the correlation that those who are drawn to teaching are similar to those who may be “called” to service of other kinds. She explains how those similar personality attributes tend to work within the education space to breed a type of “teacher martyr” complex. Grace goes on to describe the connection your energy has to your actual classroom interactions each day and the importance of protecting your energy for yourself and your students.

[00:12:14] Megan identifies the connection setting personal boundaries has on our energy and asks Grace if she could share practical ways teachers can begin setting boundaries without guilt, fear, or hesitation.

[00:15:45] Grace walks us through a scenario where it could be easy to fall into commitments we aren’t passionate about or ready for, and she provides clear direction on how to match your passion with responsibilities. She goes on to provide steps that protect your “yes” to different requests for your valuable time!

[00:27:00] Grace recounts a time when a boundary was crossed by an administrator and reveals the importance of having a witness, sticking to your personal “policies”, and reminds us that it is not too late to start setting boundaries today! (Even mid-school year)

[00:33:30] Megan and Grace recap the highlights of this episode and discuss ways you can connect with Grace to learn more about setting boundaries. Simply visit: https://www.gracestevens.com/ and tune into her podcast here: https://www.gracestevens.com/podcast

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