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Episode 267: Prepare for the Unexpected (when students are absent)

On this episode of the Teaching Middle School ELA podcast, we are diving into a topic presented to us by one of our EB Teachers! How do we actually prepare for the unexpected inside our classrooms?

You’ll learn our best advice for handling student absences and unexpected situations in the classroom. From what to do when students miss speaking and listening activities to how to support students who miss out on group collaboration projects. We’re sharing a range of solutions for you to consider. Plus, stay tuned for a preview of the next episode, where we will delve into “The Science of Reading” and its relevance to middle school ELA! You don’t want to miss this!

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[00:01:40] Caitlin introduces the topic of conversation that was submitted from an EB Teacher, Brianna Nicole. The question reads, “Today we are doing the real talk discussion for a major grade. I have students who purposely stayed home to get out of it. What alternate assignment could I offer as a makeup? I don’t want it to be a punishment, but I want it to address the same skills and not be a freebie grade.”

[00:02:50] Caitlin opens the conversation around what you can do as a teacher to prepare for when students are absent during a speaking or listening assignment. Jessica provides multiple examples of ways you can provide those absent students with assignments that hit the standards even though they missed the actual group discussion day.

[00:12:53] After, Jessica reassures listeners that occasionally not requiring our absent students to make up a missed speaking and listening assignment is “okay.” However, we want to avoid this option if we notice a pattern in student behavior.

[00:16:02] Caitlin shares a final idea for alternative assignments you can keep handy in your teacher toolkit to use in the case of an absent student! Then Caitlin and Jessica give a preview of the topic of our next Teaching Middle School ELA Podcast episode, The Science of Reading!

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