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Episode 268: The Science of Reading in Your Classroom

On this episode of the Teaching Middle School ELA Podcast, we’re tackling the hot topic of the Science of Reading and its place in the middle school ELA classroom. We know it can feel overwhelming and mysterious, especially for us, middle school ELA teachers. After receiving messages from teachers who are eager to understand and apply the science of reading in their classes, we knew it was time to break down the five pillars of reading instruction—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension—and share our best strategies for applying these in the classroom. We’ll talk about keeping it engaging with read alouds, vocabulary instruction, and multiple reads of the same text. Plus, Jessica is sharing insights from her visit to the Ron Clark Academy, specifically related to vocabulary instruction. So, if you’re ready to gain clarity around the Science of Reading, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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[00:02:46] Caitlin introduces the Science of Reading and explains how it has been a topic on our list of discussions for a while! After hearing from multiple ELA teachers, we dove into the research and information to bring it directly to you in today’s episode.

[00:08:00] Megan begins by explaining that The Science of Reading contains 5 pillars that work together to form the true foundations of reading. Megan, Caitlin and Jessica then proceed to cover ideas for incorporating these pillars in your middle school classroom in an approachable way that will support all levels of language learners!

[00:22:50] Caitlin recaps the importance of having a basic understanding of the Science or Reading pillars and how you can use the ideas provided today to fully support your middle school students. She also reminds listeners that Jessica will be sharing more about her experience at the Ron Clark Academy with a specific focus on the Vocabulary “pillar” in the next episode of The Teaching Middle School ELA podcast!

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  • I just listened to the episode on the science of reading. I really enjoyed it. My administration is currently pushing us not to read aloud or not to play audio versions of a story or novel to our students. I know there are benefits of reading out loud to students. A couple of my favorites include stopping to discuss and to have the students be able to hear my excitement, surprise, or any emotions I have when reading the text. I would love for you to share in an episode the research behind the importance of reading aloud to students and the benefits it can have.
    Thank you,
    Minka Brown


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